Dwight, You, and Job Interviews: Tips for your next career opportunity

The job interview.

It is a special dread in its own category. As the candidate you will likely feel nervous. To show you how to prepare we are going to turn to The Office and Dunder Mifflin to review Dwight’s approach. https://youtu.be/JJzMUqXrQrE

Dwight, from The Office, shares a lot in this video. But don’t worry, we’ve broken it all down to see where he got it right and where he didn’t.

Find out how you can walk into your next interview ready for whatever is on the horizon.

Let’s break down Dwight’s approach and see how he did:

I have left Dunder Mifflin after many record-breaking years

  • Do mention specifics about actual awards and measurable stats you own that you will bring to the role

I’m officially on the job market and it’s very exciting

  • Do let people know you are searching for a job and keep a positive attitude

For your convenience I’ve broken it down …

  • Do tailor your resume to each job to which you apply

into three parts professional resume athletic and special skills resume and trivia.

  • Don’t share extraneous information that is not relevant to the position on your resume or in the interview

How would I describe myself? 3 words hardworking alpha male jackhammer merciless insatiable. There’s nothing on my horizon except everything

  • Don’t use general adjectives to describe yourself, use specific, relevant action verbs
  • Don’t ramble, answer the question you were asked. It’s best to practice before you interview.
  • Do be positive about your opportunity to interview

I got this job to make some money while I continue my employment search

  • Don’t be the first talk about salary
  • Do be prepared to answer if salary comes up
  • Do be prepared to effectively explain any gaps in your resume

Whoops, ah, break’s over

  • Do continue to be a productive employee in your current role if you are working now

Often on the road to a dream job the available career opportunities are not a perfect match. Always remember hands-on experience and flexibility are important pieces of your journey and gainful employment commands respect as you strive towards the next possibility. Thankfully everyone’s dream job is different!

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