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SC Equity Placement

Equity Placement

SC Staffing & Consulting offers a wealth of stock plan insights through our 50+ years equity placement expertise. We place temporary and permanent stock plan administrators with Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.


SC Staffing & Consulting hand picks the most qualified talent from its database to help companies fill clerical staffing needs on a short-term, temp-to-hire or permanent basis.

Virtual Assistant National Agency VANA

You don’t need to hire to delegate your clerical, administrative, bookkeeping, and digital tasks. Get a VANA today.

SC Compensation Staffing

Compensation Placement

When a compensation professional leaves a company or a new compensation role develops, SC Staffing & Consulting can quickly and effectively fill those key human resources positions.

Convention Staffing

Companies both large and small rely on SC Staffing & Consulting to secure the best talent for short-term, but high-impact convention center events and large-scale meetings.

staffing supplier government commercial

Government Contracting

SC Staffing & Consulting is an experienced staffing, human resources, and recruiting services supplier for government.

We have served Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies since 2007.

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SC Staffing & Consulting offers Staffing, Recruitment, and Consulting Services for Equity (CEP), Compensation (CCP), Administrative, Virtual Admin, Convention & Event, and Government Contracting.

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