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What keeps small business owners up at night? We know the answer starts with coaching and training. First, we identify gaps in business structures, approaches, or compliance. Then, business owners can discover “what they don’t know that they don’t know.”

SC Staffing & Consulting is committed to growth through education.  We are mentors and life-long learners.

Our co-founder Suzanne Curran along with her partner trainers provide business coaching, to create business solutions through training and expertise for the small business community.

In the best of economic climates small businesses and entrepreneurs rely upon coaches, mentors, and partners for best practices, compliance, and disaster preparedness. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic and its responses have intensified the need for business resources for small business and entrepreneurs. Weekly, and sometimes even daily, new requirements with changing customer expectations must be addressed.

Today, we combine the best tools, matrices, and theories of business management, to provide solutions in the following disciplines …

  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Accounting

Give us a call today. And together we can tackle “what you don’t know … that you don’t know,” so industry best practices are your best practices, 215-292-1185.

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SC Staffing & Consulting provided career insight and objectivity to help me confidently navigate a series of escalating interviews to land a position with an award-winning worldwide software company. I recommend the SC team to any stock plan professional who wants to work with a recruiter that cares about their candidates. Their professional guidance is responsive and accountable — truly priceless.

Andrew N.

Equity/Stock Plan Professional, Financial Services/Software Company

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