Convention Staffing

We specialize in convention and conference staffing solutions. We know what it takes to support the ideal experience.

Convention center events can require dozens of team members to register and greet attendees, plus myriad other tasks. Using an organization’s existing employees to staff these events can be daunting, if not impossible.

For the last ten years, companies both large and small have relied on SC Staffing & Consulting to secure the best talent for these short-term, but high-impact gatherings.

We understand that when it comes to staffing conventions and conferences, one size certainly does not fit all. Let us customize your staffing needs to meet your budget, while still providing the best value.

Our database of attentive, dedicated and organized associates provides value-added details to make your event shine.

Some of the various conference center positions we place include:

  • Administrative (Show, Sales, Conference, Press, Speaker Offices)
  • Badge Holder Pick-Up Support Personnel
  • Bag Stuffers
  • Booth Host/Hostess
  • Cashiers
  • Greeters/Line Monitor/Directional Advisers
  • Information Clerks
  • On-site Event Coordinators
  • Logistics/Registration Managers
  • Registration Typists
  • Room Monitors
  • Runners
  • Stockers
  • Scanners
  • Ushers

In a bit of a time crunch? No problem. SC Staffing & Consulting is flexible and specializes in quick turnaround staffing requests.

Let us help make your next event spectacular! Give us a call today!
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From pre-event communications to event deployment SC staff members professionally handled their assigned duties with flexibility and excellent customer service. The quality of their team members makes it easy to recommend SC for future events.

John N.

Meeting Event Manager

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