5 questions to ask before you staff a convention or trade show

How to hire staff for your convention in Philadelphia, PA

When you invest your business development budget in a convention or a trade show or a sponsorship event, you want to truly showcase your business, your expertise, and your industry know-how.

To do that you need these things to happen seamlessly in the background:

  •  Everything to go smoothly for your guests
  •  Local support to augment your staff
  •  A true partner who knows how to navigate the venue

Are you seeking a convention staffing partner? Here are the questions you should have answered before you hire:

1. Do you have local knowledge and experience with the venue?

Look for a partner with on-site experience who knows venue supervisors, managers, and connections so any surprises, snafus, omissions, or misunderstandings can be mitigated at the source.

2. Can you provide backup staff for unexpected challenges?

Find a reliable staffing partner with a regular team of event personnel because they’ve seen it all before, i.e., it’s not their first rodeo.

3. Are your team members trained and experienced professionals?

Research the longevity of the staffing agency. Longstanding service providers will have a deep understanding of how to present professional staff to enhance your clients’ experience.

4. Can you offer coverage for different roles?

Different events have special requirements and different roles to fill. You will want a firm that can provide specialized professionals such as: Cashiers, scanners, greeters, bookstore salespeople, admissions, runners, and more. Also, not every position is a customer facing role but what goes on behind the scenes will certainly impact the impression you make with clients.

5. Will you provide onsite assistance and supervision?

When you are not a local you need colleagues who are. Your event staff provider should have a true local presence so they know the ins-and-outs of the venue, local hotels, reliable transportation, and where the best pretzels, cheesesteaks, and water ice can be found.

SC can help

If you are looking for event staff in Greater Philadelphia, please contact SC Staffing & Consulting at conv@sccconsultngllp.com We have been providing dedicated event staff at the convention center, hotels, stadiums, and more since 2007.