Because people matter
Here’s why the human touch should be a part of your job search journey

Without a doubt it is possible to successfully conduct a job search for your career on your own whether you desire a new company, a new commute, or a new industry.

However, like other life changes, finding a new job can be difficult on your own. Because a job search can become mixed up in emotion, bogged down in worry, and at the mercy of online job application resume review software known as applicant tracking systems (ATS), taking advantage of professional guidance from a recruiter can help you with your job-search, preparation, and decision-making process.

When you work with a third-party recruiter, like SC Staffing & Consulting, you are engaging professionals who can advocate on your behalf. A reputable recruiter will never charge job seekers.

The top 5 reasons to work with a recruiter:

  1. Hiring managers work DIRECTLY with us. They spend time with us, so they know us personally. We know the skills and traits the company is looking for that are not detailed on the job description.
  2. Online resume review systems pull keywords; we promote key strengths. When we expertly optimize your resume, it is focused for a position that is a good fit for you.
  3. We keep you out of the HR dark hole. HR departments have many tasks: payroll, compliance, healthcare, and more. Our focus is your career. Most times we receive feedback from the company’s initial review of your resume which we will provide to you pre-interview. We will not submit your resume to a company without your approval.
  4. We prepare for your interview with you. Before you meet with the company, we take the time to role play and coach you in the interview process. We will provide feedback, so you are comfortable when you meet the company’s hiring manager.
  5. All we do every day is staffing, so we have access to under-advertised job listings. These are listings you may not find on the leading job boards.

You and your job search matter to us. Recruiters are humans; we will read your resume and take time to get to know you. Then we can match you with a career move that is a good fit. That is something that resume review software can’t do for you. In today’s job market why not use every tool available to you?


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