Preparing for a job interview is key to success. It lets you focus on your strengths when you meet with your potential employer.

Before the interview

  • Do your research about the hiring company
  • Prepare good questions to ask your interviewer
  • Practice interviewing

Day of the interview

  • Always plan to be 10 minutes early; never be late!
  • Bring extra copies of your resume
  • Bring your “Fact Sheet” with telephone numbers and addresses of your references and former employers, just in case you are asked to complete an application
  • Business dress is expected

During the interview

  • Be positive; avoid negative comments about past employers
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Answer each question fully and with confidence
  • Speak clearly and distinctly and avoid slang
  • State your interest
  • Sell your strengths
  • Relate your previous experiences to the open position
  • Keep a positive perspective
  • Place more emphasis on the company’s needs than your own
  • Identify and promote the skills that make you the ideal candidate
  • Do not lie or exaggerate ever
  • Be sure to thank the interviewer for his/her time
  • Get business cards from the interviewer
  • Be yourself – Have fun
  • Remind the company of why they should HIRE YOU
  • Do not chew gum
  • Never talk about salary or benefits, we handle that

After the interview

  • Follow up the interview with a “thank you” e-mail or note, immediately after the interview